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Moving to another country is challenging, especially when you have a family with children and are procuring suitable educational possibilities. We work with a team of consultants, educational psychologists, certified coaches and educational professionals who speak both English and Portuguese, and have many years of experience and knowledge working at international and Portuguese schools providing skilled support.



Initial meeting

During this meeting, we get a better understanding of your situation and the need and level for placement.



We help to identify the schools that are a good fit for your child and help to clarify the available curriculum at Portuguese and International schools.


We guide with researching the courses given in English or in Portuguese at both private and public universities. Depending on the situation, we assist with new enrollments or possible transfers and can assist with the conversion of points to the Portuguese system.


Primary, preschool and day-care solutions will be presented to you to secure your child(ren) a fantastic start to their academic journey.

Additional services

Support for learning disabilities and specific learning disorders ( from ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia,
Dyscalculia, language disorders and developmental disorders within a multidisciplinary
Professionals that can support you and your child through assessment, therapy and support.

School options & visits

We present you with schools or universities that match your requirements.

Enrollment procedure 

We will help you complete the enrollment procedures. If a place is not possible for the desired academic year, we will advise you on other options. We can’t guarantee your child a space, but we will do all one can.


University students
away from home program


For those students coming to Portugal to study at university independently, we have a special program to assist with both the practicalities that need to be taken care of as well as a mental support program to ensure they thrive in their new environment.


After selecting the university of their choice and having received the confirmation of placing a new adventure starts. Student accommodation near the university can be a challenge. A consultant will help to find housing close to the university. If the accommodation is not furnished, we offer furnishing packages.


We offer coaching support for students. The first year at university in a new country can be very challenging and is the most crucial year for students. Change is nearly always a little frightening. Brings us your doubts, concerns and fears: we can help resolve your concerns. Change is also an excellent opportunity to grow, make discoveries and find new paths.


The program offers the student the opportunity to talk freely with a professional coach/mentor and built a confidential relationship that offers support. The student will receive help to navigate change and discover how to set up for success, how do to overcome challenges of integration, transform anxiety, how to handle relationships at distance and how to create new ones.


The program consists of 12 sessions of which 6 sessions will be scheduled in the first three months providing close support at the beginning of their new journey.


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We are here to help you find the most suitable solution.

Let us know how we can help you.

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