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Design studio

Adding a golden touch to your home

Services L1

Damp Solutions

We offer a  maintenance free solution for rising damp problems. The unit starts drying your walls right after its installation. No construction works needed, no deep drilling, ​High drying effects which can help save 25 % to 65 % of your future heating bills.

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We deal with the renovation, restyling and redevelopment of offices, shops,​ commercial and accommodation buildings, including restaurants, bar hotels, etc.

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White Earth

Interior Design

We offer a full range service for interior design and are dedicated to creating interiors that reflect your personality and

lifestyle. We use a wide range of

materials, finishes, and high

quality furniture and fabrics.

Image by Daniel McCullough

Digital Renders,


Design planning

To imagine an empty space or to restyle areas is sometimes difficult. We help you by making a  digital render of the project,

to reach the desired result together with you, along with developing a full construction and design plan.

Services L2

Commercial & Private properties.

Fast, professional and efficient.

Scientifically proven solutions.

Solutions at any scale.




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