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Our Brokerage

The Splendour Luxury Group aims to fully assist you with your investment journey, and find the best gem on the market for you. Furthermore we can assist you with asset management, investor representation, interior design & renovation, all to increase its value and profitability.


Residential Real Estate Portugal

We stand aside from other agencies by providing a tailored service.

Rather than you looking endlessly through listings, talk to our team and get us to understand what you are looking for.

Let us find you the solution you need.

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Tailored Services

Off - Market

Our grand network of banks, developers, and private investors allows us to access the hidden gems in the market. Wether it is residential or commercial we can get you what you want.  

Design & Living

We don't just deliver your key, we accommodate you through the entire process to ensure your home feels like home. Our design team is led by our ambassador Amelia, ensuring the most sublime result is reached.

Commercial Real Estate

Our broad network has strong connections with both private and public sectors. By working closely with well-known family offices, respected financial institutions, and reputable legal firms, we can offer genuine proposals supported by direct mandates for commercial properties available for sale not just in Portugal but worldwide. Whether you're interested in prime real estate opportunities in Portugal or want to explore investment possibilities abroad, our interconnected network guarantees access to exclusive deals designed to meet your needs and preferences.

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